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 Iliad - Gorgon siege rule

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Geek Adept

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PostSubyek: Iliad - Gorgon siege rule   Sat Apr 19, 2008 12:27 pm

All,....since kemaren rada2 bingung sm Gorgon siege rule, gue browse lagi ke BGG, ternyata yg kemaren kita mainin bener kok Smile
(gue copy-paste post and replies dr BGG)

Gorgon siege. Say all players play Hoplites (no Phalanxes):

A: 1
B: 2
C: 1

If A now plays something worth 0 (eg Elephant), then B wins.

A: 1 1

A and B now tie at 2, so B does not win.

B: 2 2
C: 1 4
A: 1 1 1

If B now plays something worth 0, then C wins. Etc.

B: withdraws, discarding all played cards
C: wins, having a greater army than A at the start of his turn

All players discard all played cards. C gets Agamemnon.

If i understood it correctly, Thanatos sieges are played untill everyone as passed (and than resolved), while Gorgon sieges are played turn by turn until any player gets ahead. Correct?
Yeah. They have to be ahead at the start of their turn so that everyone has a chance to respond to an increase
Liggur wrote:
I assume you can only play cards that add a numerical value, thus increasing your total. Keep playing or drop out - highest total wins.

You can play any card as normal, but if you don't at least tie the current highest total then you are risking letting them win. So if C is ahead and A plays an elephant, A is leaving it up to B to tie/beat C on his next play.
Liggur wrote:
Why would you play non-numerical cards in a Gorgon Seige?
Seems like a waste to me.

For the same reason that would do so in any battle: to win. Elephants/Ballistae/Catapults help you attack the opponents. Harrows help you defend. The goal is still to win the battle. Gorgon battles just have the added property that they may end sooner than any player wishes, so you have to make sure you don't leave another player in the lead on your turn. For example:

A plays a 3.

B plays a 1.

C plays a 3.

A is now free to play any card without worry because B and C cannot win this time around.
I think I get it now.

You play as normal, playing cards or attacking others, but, if on your turn, you have the most Army Points, you win then and there.
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PostSubyek: Re: Iliad - Gorgon siege rule   Sat Apr 19, 2008 2:21 pm

Nah kalo uda jelas gini kan enak, tinggal kita mainkan lg , hehehe ....

Bro Dee, wipe`em all !!! salute salute
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Iliad - Gorgon siege rule
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