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 Whistling Death/Fighting Wings - Defending Ipoh

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PostSubyek: Whistling Death/Fighting Wings - Defending Ipoh   Wed Feb 20, 2008 3:05 pm

Ini ada AAR lagi untuk sistem Fighting Wings Smile


The "Defending Ipoh" scenario takes place over Ipoh airfield in
Malaya on December 17, 1941. The scenario starts with three Ki.43-
I's coming in to strafe the airfield being bounced by three Buffalo
Mk.I's that are on CAP duty. The Buffalo's start in steep dives
banked left roughly 1,400' above and in Ki.43's 9:00.

T1: Just as the Shotai lines up to strafe the airfield several
fighters are spotted diving down on them. They quickly break left
with 1 and 2 pulling into steep climbs and rolling inverted, while 3
stays level. The diving Buffalos pull out of the dives and turn
toward the Ki.43's. The lead Buffalo gets off a shot that just
misses the second Ki.43.

T2: The Ki.43's continue their break left. The Buffalos follow them
pulling up into inverted climbs, bleeding a tremendous amount of
energy in doing so.

T3: Ki.43's 1 and 2 continue their break left. The Buffalos
realizing the futility of turning with Ki.43's ease off and try to
gain altitude. As Buffalo's 1 and 2 climb and reverse they fly over
Ki.43-3 who pulls back and loops in behind them firing at Buffalo-1.
It's a wide miss that the Buffalo pilot doesn't even notice.

T4: Buffalo's 1 and 2 skid trying to throw off Ki.43-3. Ki.43-3's
pilot still manages to tail and shoot at Buffalo-1. He sees strikes
around the tail of the Buffalo. Buffalo-3 loops back toward Ki.43's
1 and 2, which turn toward the lead pair of Buffalos.

T5: Buffalo-3 hits the top of its loop as Ki.43-1 pulls into a
vertical climb to tail him. Ki.43-2 pulls to level and turns toward
the lead pair of Buffalos. Buffalo's 1 and 2 turn hard right rolling
inverted to escape from the slow moving Hayabusa. Ki.43-3 rolls to
reverse its bank from left to right, but is unable to turn after the

T6: At the top of his loop and just at his minimum airspeed, Buffalo-
3 eases his nose down to try and gain some desperately needed
energy. Closing in on his target, Ki.43-1 pulls down and fires at
Buffalo-3. Despite the deflection angle and being inverted he sees
strikes but the Buffalo shows no signs of being hurt.
Buffalos 1 and 2 roll upright continuing their turn right to come
around and help Buffalo-3. Ki.43-2 pulls into a steep climb
preparing to loop back at the turning Buffalos now behind him.
Having rolled to a right bank, Ki.43-3 now starts come around right
to go after the Buffalos.

T7: Buffalo-3 turns right rolling upright. He spots a Type 1 about
500 yards ahead and below and fires. Buffalo's 1 and 2, spotting a
slow Type 1 in a steep climb, pull into steep climbs maneuvering to
get shots off. They fire and see strikes on their target.
Ki.43-2 loops back toward the fight. Ki.43-3 turns hard right to do
the same and notices some tracers well outside his arc. Ki.43-1
eases out of his steep climb watching his airspeed and trying not to
He calmly jinks and dodges a string of tracers only to be shocked as
he suddenly feels his fighter shudder under the impact 50cal shells.

T8: Buffalo-3 pulls up out of his dive skidding left then rolls left
to avoid Ki.43's 1 and 2. Just above stall speed, Ki.43-1 pulls out
of his climb and looks to follow Buffalo-3.
Buffalo's 1 and 2, after pulling up hard to shoot at Ki.43-1, now try
to avoid stalling by easing off their steep climbs and rolling
inverted. Ki.43's 2 and 3 ignoring Buffalo-3 angle toward the slow
moving Buffalos.

T9: Just above stalling, Buffalo's 1 and 2 pull out of their climbs
turning right. Buffalo-2 turns harder and rolling upright to head
south. Ki.43's 2 and 3 pursue them trying to get into tailing
positions. Buffalo-3 gently turns left while gaining separation from
the fight. Working hard to keep his mount from stalling, Ki.43-1's
pilot eases out of his climb.

T10: Buffalo-1 trying to get away from Ki.43's 2 and 3 sets flaps to
maneuver and continues to turn right pulling into a shallow dive.
Buffalo-2 continues heading south working to gain precious speed.
Ki.43's 2 and 3 maneuver to tail Buffalo-1 with Ki.43-3 taking a shot
that misses. Ki.43-1 attempts to break to a vertical dive, but the
maneuver proves too much. The one wing stalls and his fighter flips
left almost going completely around. Buffalo-3 pulls into a steep
climb turning left back toward the fight.

T11: Buffalo-3 continues in a steep climbing turn back toward the
fight while Buffalo-2 heads toward him. Buffalo-1 pulls into a
vertical dive and rolls trying to shake the Ki.43's off his tail.
Ki.43's 2 and 3 continue to turn and pursue Buffalo-1. As Ki.43-2
fires the Buffalo dives out of his gun arc and the bullets pass well
above. Ki.43-1 shakes off his turn stall and turns hard left to go
after the Buffalo lead.

T12: Buffalo-3 pulls down from his climb and heads north toward his
wingmen. Buffalo-2, thinking that all the Ki.43's are going after
his lead, banks and turns right to cover. At the last second he
notices one of the Ki.43's is still following him. Ki.43-3 decides
to tail Buffalo-3 letting his wingmen go after Buffalo-1.
Buffalo-1 eases out of its vertical dive and rolls back to left
bank. Pursuing Buffalo-1, Ki.43-2 pushes to a steep dive and snap
rolls to a left bank matching his target.
Ki.43-1 enters a steep dive and reverses his bank to the right
looking to come around behind Buffalo-2.

T13: Buffalo-1 pulls out of his dive, snap rolls and turns right.
Ki.43-2 continues to dive after him. Closing to 200yds he shoots but
misses the hard turning Buffalo. Above the fight Buffalo-3 pulls
into a steep dive rolls upright and angles to try and provide cover
for his lead.
The shallow diving Buffalo-2 makes a gentle right turn and continues
to gain speed. Five hundred feet below, Ki.43-3 pulls to level and
follows Buffalo-2.

T14: Buffalo-2 rolls inverted while continuing its shallow diving
right turn. Ki.43-3 turns hard right and rolls inverted in pursuit
of Buffalo-2. At 300 yards he shoots at Buffalo-2, but the Ki.43's
inverted bank throws off his aim and the Buffalo is not hit.
Staying in a steep dive Buffalo-3 turns left to try and cover Buffalo-
2. Continuing its right turn Ki.43-1 pulls up and rolls inverted
looking for the low Buffalo. Buffalo-1 seizes the opportunity and
breaks upward skidding to the left to get behind Ki.43-1. Closing to
100 yards he shoots and sees strikes on his target.
Overshooting Buffalo-1, Ki.43-2's pilot yanks his fighter out of the
steep dive, the wing flexes downward. The wing spar holds and he
focuses on his new target, Buffalo-2.

T15: Buffalo-3 continues his diving left turn, rolling inverted, and
coming around to cover Buffalo-2. Buffalo-2 does a split-s out of
its shallow dive, reversing direction to throw off his pursuers.
Seeing Buffalo-2 split-s, Ki.43-2 breaks upward to start a loop in
order to continue after him. Ki.43-3 pulls to an inverted vertical
dive and takes a high deflection shot at Buffalo-3. He misses with
the tracers passing harmlessly above and behind the Buffalo.
Feeling the impact of bullets on his fighter, Ki.43-1 breaks down and
right from his climb to a dive. Unable to follow Buffalo-1 rolls
inverted and begins to ease out of his climb to avoid stalling.

T16: Buffalo-2 pulls out of his dive turning right hoping that he has
shaken his pursuers off. Ki.43-3 pulls out of a vertical dive and
manages to get back on Buffalo-2's tail. Ki.43-2 continues his loop
over the top. He is now over 1000' above the fight.
Ki.43-1, having escaped Buffalo-1 sees a chance to attack Buffalo-2
and pulls through his dive reversing to end above and 300 yards
behind his new target. He fires and sees some strikes on the
Buffalo. Then suddenly he feels his fighter shutter under the impact
of .50 caliber shells striking all over it. He looks up just in time
to see his gun sight demolished by a direct hit and then feels his
controls go soft. Buffalo-3 having spotted the diving Ki.43-1 pulls
into a vertical rolling dive to end 400' above. He fires and sees
strikes all over the aircraft.
Buffalo-1 eases out of his climb to an inverted attitude. His speed
down to 125 mph he is looking to try and gain some speed so he can

T17: Buffalo-2 attempts to throw pursuing Ki.43s off, yet again, by
breaking upward along with skidding and turning right. The diving
Ki.43-3 pulls to a steep climb while breaking right in an effort to
stay behind Buffalo-2. As he does this he feels something isn't
quite right with his wing [overstressed wing spar], and hopes it
doesn't fail like several others have done on the new Ki.43's.
His aircraft severely damaged, Ki.43-1's pilot pulls up to throw his
attacker off. Buffalo-3 follows pulling out of his vertical dive
some 300 yards below and behind Ki.43-1.
Still trying to regain speed but seeing his wingman in trouble,
Buffalo-1 rolls to a left bank and turns Ki.43-2 pulls over the top
of his loop and points his nose toward the main fight.

T18: From an inverted climb Buffalo-2's pilot pushes forward on the
stick. The plane momentarily responds, and then the left wing stalls
and the plane rolls violently to the right as the nose settles back
down. Just as he recovers from the turn stall, he feels the impact
as shells tear into his plane. Ki.43-3 watching the Buffalo in front
of him turn stall has plenty of time to line up a shot and succeeds
in damaging his target.
Ki.43-2 eases into a steep dive and turns right to come back toward
Buffalos 1 and 2. Buffalo-1 stays level and turns left gaining some
speed while Buffalo-3 pulls into a climb and breaks right to come
back after Ki.43-1. Ki.43-1 pulls hard to an inverted vertical climb
to throw off Buffalo-3 and escape.

T19: Ki.43-2 starts to pull out of his dive continuing to break
right. Buffalo-2 pulls up into a climbing right turn, rolling
inverted. Ki.43-3 pulls in behind Buffalo-2 and fires, jinking away
at the last moment to avoid collision. Just as he finishes his roll
the Buffalo pilot feels the Buffalo shudder from the impact of more
shells. Suddenly the A/C starts to tumble as his wing rips away.
Buffalo-1 trying to help his wingman turns hard right and fires at
Ki.43-3 just as it jinks to avoid hitting Buffalo-2.
Buffalo-3 pulls up into a vertical climb and starts to loop back
after Ki.43-1. Ki.43-1 pulls down to a shallow climb while turning
left trying to make it impossible for Buffalo-3 to close.

T20: Buffalo-1 pulls up and turns right. Working to get behind
Buffalo-1, Ki.43-1 turns right pushing into a shallow climb. Ki.43-2
going too fast to try for Buffalo-1, snap rolls to a left bank and
breaks left to come around back.
Ki.43-1 pulls out of his inverted climb rolling upright and turning
left to avoid Buffalo-1. Buffalo-3 pulls down turning left to line
up a parting shot at Japanese flight leader. He fires just barely
missing the already damaged Ki.43-1.


The final score is close with Buffalo-2 shot down and Ki.43-1
severely damaged.


The combat summary of the engagement:

RAAF - 8 Shots (9 Hits / 2 Criticals) with Avg DR = 35.25 +31.87
0 Kills / 1 Severe / 0 Damaged

JAAF - 11 Shots (17 Hits / 3 Criticals) with Avg DR = 47.18 +22.72
1 Kill / 0 Severe / 2 Damaged
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Whistling Death/Fighting Wings - Defending Ipoh
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